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Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules

    Please read and adhere to these simple rules!

    1. Title must briefly summarize your request. (A, Z)

    2. Programming code must be enclosed in code tags to improve readability. (A, Z)
    [code]Please [url=]Login or Register [/url] to view this content.[/code] (or use the # button)

    3. Questions that are cross-posted to other web forums must contain links to those posts on those forums or a comment to tell us where else the question has been asked. (A, Z*)

    4. Do not post a new help request in an existing thread. (B)

    5. Do not open more than ONE thread per issue here. Expect duplicates to be closed. (B)

    6. Do not post to threads where a moderator is addressing a rule violation. (B, C, Z*)

    7. Do not inquire about breaking the security of a protected workbook. (B, E)

    8. Do not private message forum moderators or members for Excel help. (A, Z)

    9. Abusive language or insults will not be tolerated. (B, Z)

    10. Do not put links to commercial sites or services or to competing forums in signatures and posts. (A, B)

    11. Do not put links to personal sites or services as your sole contribution here on the forum. (B)

    12. Do not solicit payments in your posts or signatures. (B)

    13. Only give reps to members who earned them, not just for something trivial like an acknowledgment. (B, F)

    A. Moderator will edit title or add VBA code tags or add / remove links for new members and admonish and require compliance for more experienced members.
    B. Repeat offenders will get an infraction and banned for any subsequent offence.
    C. Moderator should soft-delete posts until rule violation is resolved.
    D. Moderator should delete the post.
    E. Moderator should close the thread.
    F. Repeat offenders will lose double the rep. points they awarded. Those given rep. points will have them reversed.
    Z. No Infraction to be given.
    Z* As Z with the exception that repeat offenders will be given an infraction.

    Want to get your question answered quickly?
    Ensure your question is not too vague. Don't assume anyone is familiar with your problem. While you can upload small attachments, describe your problem in the body of the post. We are fortunate to have several Excel gurus, but few mind-readers.
    On the other hand, skip irrelevant details. Be descriptive and concise. Short, direct, and to-the-point questions with apt thread titles are almost always answered promptly.
    Keep the scope reasonably narrow. Questions like, "How do I set up an accounting system in Excel?" might be a long time waiting.

    Forum Guidelines
    1. Please mark resolved problems "SOLVED"

    2. Don't quote whole posts -- it's just clutter.*

    3. We wont do your homework for you, but we will help guide you

    4. Don't put your email address in a post unless you're dying for more spam in your inbox.

    5. Don't ever post personal or confidential data in a workbook. If you inadvertently do, then send a message to the moderators / admins to have the data immediately and permanently deleted. Include a link to the post in the message.

    6. No more that 3 links to other URLs are allowed in a single post. Be careful, multiple attempts to post with more than 3 links may lock your IP.

    The following is the current level structure -
    - Registered User: New users
    - Forum Contributor: 60 days and 100 will be able to upload a non-animated avatar.
    - Valued Forum Contributor : 120 days registered and 300 posts and 150 reputation will be able to upload an animated avatar.
    - Forum Expert: 360 days registered, 1200 posts and 600 reputation can upload a profile picture
    - Forum Guru: promoted by voting from Forum Expert level
    - Forum Moderator: promoted from Forum Guru or Forum Expert level
    - Forum Administrator: promoted from Forum Moderator level

    =======================EDIT LOG========================
    Edited by Paul; 04-17-2012 at 05:09 PM. Reason: Added new method of marking thread solved. Updated "two..hours" to "two..days" in Rule 1.
    Edited by JBeaucaire; 09-05-2012 at 02:02 PM. Reason: Updated rule #6 to underline courteous communications
    Edited by FDibbins; 05-24-2013 at 01:52AM. Reason: Changed wording in rule #3 from "Select your code..." to "Highlight your code..."
    Edited by Arlu1201; 05-28-2013 at 01:26 PM. Reason: Added new level structure.
    Edited by JBeaucaire; 06-25-2013 at 12:30 PM. Reason: Updated rule #2 and General Suggestions to include mention of link limits.
    Edited by arlu1201; 10-17-2013 at 11:44 AM. Reason: Updated rule 5.
    Edited by JBeaucaire; 09-05-2014 at 09:05 AM. Reason: Updated rule 7 into two parts
    Edited by JBeaucaire; 09-25-2014 at 03:40 AM. Reason: Retired rule #9 to a suggestion
    Edited by JBeaucaire; 10-05-2014 at 05:22 PM. Reason: Expanded Rule #13 to cover commercial links and solicitations as well
    Edited by FDibbins; 09/09/2015 at 11:19 AM. Reason: Added back details for adding avatars
    Edited by 6StringJazzer; 09/19/2017 at 02:45 PM. Reason: Revised description of how to attach a file to reflect that the paper clip icon is not working, and clarified description of Manage Attachments method.
    Edited by Admin and Moderators, 9/8/2018 at 03:387 Reason: Revised and updated entire rules list
    Last edited by FDibbins; 10-25-2018 at 02:22 AM. Reason: Updated all rules

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