Winners of dashboard competition 2014

Finally the wait is over. We are really excited to announce the winners of 2014 dashboard competition.

2nd Runner Up – Redaftershock

We really appreciate the dashboard created by Redaftershock.

This dashboard shows company’s financial summary by region, industry, product by quarter & year-wise. Financial dashboards support business owner and provide a quick overview that is required to monitor the health and opportunities of the business. Dashboards of this type focus on high-level measures of performance, and forecasts.

1st Runner Up – Tjuliana

We really appreciate the dashboard created by Tjuliana. This dashboard shows company sales trend sorted by region, customer type, product, month& year.

The aim of this dashboard is to provide business insights about important areas of the sales process. With this dashboard, you’ll be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the sales process. The key focus of this dashboard is on showing sales credibility& management visibility.

Winner of the competition– Kbryant

Kbryant is the winner of an iPhone 6.

This is the best dashboard example. In a single dashboard all the dashboards for all the 5 sectors are covered. On a single click we get an awesome analysis about the specified sector. Very beautiful color combination with very deep analysis.

Thank you so much for participating

We really appreciate everyone who participated in the dashboard competition. All the participants have sculpted out so fine dashboards (or set of charts) from raw data which we have provided. You all are truly awesome in creating such fantastic dashboards.

We heartily Congratulate the winner as well as all the participants!!!

PS: Explore all the dashboards HERE

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